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New 60csx

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I opened my new 60CSx today, turned it on and then let it acquire the satellites where I live. The initial acquiring may take 5-10 minutes, as it is establishing which satellites it will be acquiring. If you move or go on vacation more than about 500 miles, it will have to do it all over again at the new location. But each time after the initial acquisition, it gets a lot faster, usually under a minute.


Don't worry, I am still full of hundreds of questions myself. But I am having fun!

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don't forget to update your software on the 60csx to the newest version. if you go to the web site, you can download and install the automated updater which makes this very easy to do. (in the support section).


there are 2 separate pieces of software on your 60csx, one for the gps chips themselves (these are the sirf chips) and the other is the garmin software which give you all the functions on the units.


the most current verison is called 2.7/3.0 .. the 2.7 referes to the sirf software (gps software I think garmin calls it) and the 3.0 refers to the garmin software itself.


other posts say you need to run it twice, but I think when I've run it, it does one then the other. watch it carefully so you see it do both..you can check the software versions from the system menu ..


among other things the satellite acquisition and tracking has had numerous tweeks over the past versions so you'll want the most current


good luck & enjoy!

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Ok, Im not that good, I went to the system Icon and hit enter.....the only choices there are


GPS-normal, battery saver GPS off, demo mode


Battery Type-several choices

Text Language-

External power lost

Proximity alarms


I dont see anywhere for firmware version.

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Thanks Birddog14...Im familiar with the place to get the update. Im just curious how I check what firmware version is currently on my GPS.



sorry......I didn't look close enough


from the main menu----setup - system page - hit menu-select software version


I am running software version 3.0 and GPS SW Version 2.7

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