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Do You Name Your Unit?

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I don't have names for any of the three GPS receivers I own.


What I *really* want a name for is that calm, monotone female voice from Garmin NRoute that speaks the turn-by-turn directions. "In five hundred feet, turn left." :unsure: Whatever you say, dear. Anything beats "no! turn around you #*@!, you missed the park entrance! I meant your OTHER left!"

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I can not list the names I have called mine due to the fact that this a family friendly site, and I wish to continue posting here.


Let me guess, you have a Garmin??


I call mine MariGold, because its a Magellan Gold

Yes I do and I like it. My choice comments are reserved for the days when it can't make up it's mind where we are at, or when the batteries die on me. Not to get OT but if you know of a GPS that has never had problems bouncing let me know. ( I know Magellen have the same problem in heavy cloud cover and thick tree cover )

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After I bought my 76CSx, a fellow cacher heard me talking about all of the features. We started joking about the Swiss Army-like device and soon enough he had given it the designation XJKS 8000000 in one of his logs. The joking continued among several logs we've posted.


This past weekend I was out with some other caching friends looking for a few local caches we hadn't yet discovered. When everyone else's eTrex lost signal (4 in all I believe), someone yelled out, "What's ScoutingWV's XJKS 8000000 say?"


Looks like it stuck.

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I kinda like my Garmin Legend but I've never named it. I have called it some names before, but nothing I'd feel safe in mentioning.


I also have a Magellan and a lot of us around these parts jokingly refer to them as YUGO's, after those junky cars. I'm sure some proud Magellan owners will take exception to that!


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I call my Vista C a "Geepus." :)


I've never quite figured out how you pronouce GPSr. :unsure:


Ok, I'll say it...


Gee - pee - ess - are. :(


I gotta admit first time I heard you refer to your "geepus" I had to think about it a moment, but I've actually found myself using that term from time to time. I guess that's one more thing I brought home from Cali. B)


And yes, I do refer to Magellans as Maggie's on occasion, it's just shorter. As for my Garmins, I just call them "Legend" and "Vista". Pretty original there, I know....


The cute female voice of TomTom I just call "Dear". Usually in response to its prompts... "Turn left in 800 yards" - yes dear. "Turn right ahead" - yes dear. " "Make a U-Turn" Yes dear. "Make a U-Turn" - I heard you dear. "Turn round when possible" Shut up - I'm going this way!!


I'm sure the fact that I talk to an inanimate object probably has psychological implications that, if I understood them, I wouldn't want to be sharing, but too late now... B)

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I've heard Maggie and Ferd(inand) for a local cacher's Magellan GPSr.


In the recent "RV" movie, the auto-routing GPS (a Magellan) is called Lola by Robin Williams. Silly, often stupid and predictable movie, but I admit that I still found myself laughing frequently.

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A few weeks ago I went caching with a group of people (mixed units of course) and heard one constantly referring to her Magellan as "Maggie".


Any other nicknames out there that you use?


Can't say that I have given my Magellan a nickname...


Our GPSmap 60CS is "Bilbo" and our new 60CSx is "Frodo". Maybe we should name our compass "Smeagol"? :unsure:

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Ours is referred to as "the Gypsy" since it shows us how to wander and kinda sounds like GPS all smeared together. Our daughter got our old blue legend and it is called "old blue." My husband also gets annoyed at the constant beeps to turn or U-turn, when he goes "his own way" with the new one. He never was one to ask for directions... :D

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My iPAQ with Mapopolis is affectionately known as "HAL 9000." He gets most upset when I continue to foolishly go on my merry way, forcing him to recalculate his routes...


At least he hasn't yet said, "You don't want to go there, Dave...."


Even though my name isn't Dave.

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Okay since nobody else seems to have said this yet...


My unit is called "Little Tharagleb", I have no nickname for my GPSr.


[Edit to speel Tharagleb korrecktly]


Little Tharagleb? Sorry to hear that. :D




Congrats, you took the bait. :P


You use Little Tharagleb for bait? Shame on you! :lol:

Also, sorry it is so small...

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