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Any Escondido Cachers For Escondido Caching


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What do you have in mind?

Just putting a group togather or looking for somthing this weekend?

We'er game. Not from Esc. but we can drive.

Oh! just a note.

If Geogeeks say "Follow Me" Worry :lol:


Honestly....we're not that bad. :PB):lol:


DaMoores...tell me you didn't have a good time though.


If I said any thing other a Great time I would be lieing :lol:B)B):ph34r:

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Hello Hiikaash! We already started a San Diego Events site several months ago here! We cache all around the county and we include anybody in the county that wants to join us. You can read through it to see how it works. I've already cleared out most the the caches in the Escondido area so I've been having to drive farther and farther away. ;) When it's hot we all head to the cooler coast! Anyhow, feel free to join us! ;)

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Ok then thought you might be interested. Go on with your thing
My "thing" is finding caches that I haven't already found. Like I said before I've already found most of the caches around Escondido.



I highly recommend that you do all the Dan-oh and Drew 5.10 caches! There are many other really good ones as well! :D Once you clear out Escondido then check out our county wide thread. :(

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