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Lizardtoadz Decypher Coin

Lizard Toads

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For the folks who haven't heard about this coin yet, here you go!


About this coin:


The LizardToadZ team is a team of cachers from the state of Utah, sometimes consisting of just two members (the toads) aka...The Cach-U-Nuts other times the team may have as many as 6 - 8 members. In the past we've shared Moab Adventures with Mr & Mrs DHobby1, UtahJean and Mailboxman, Potter & Suzer and The ChilipepperJeep team! We are all a wild and crazy bunch who enjoy adding new twists and turns to the sport of Geocaching.


This coin is designed to help cachers create fun and inventive caches. The possibilities are endless!


For an explaination on how the coin is used go here: www.thecachingplace.com/decyphercoin.htm


Here is an example of a rather difficult 4 stage multi cache using this type of decypher coin: Olympian Cryptoponymy by MOCKBA GCHCG0. The coin might have saved Mr. Cach-U-Nuts from climbing a steep mountain 3 times to finish up the cache.


This unique coin consists of two coins that fit together, the top coin fits perfectly into the center of the bottom coin and is attached permantely onto a stud which allows the center coin to rotate.




750 total mint - The Team members are holding back some for in person trades and cache placements.


Bottom Coin Size: 2 inches 50 mm (4mm thick)

Top Coin Size: 1.5 inches 38 mm (2mm thick)


Color: Imitation Hard Enamel (smooth surface)


Finishes: Polished nickel


Trackable: Yes, on www.geocaching.com.


Icon: Yes, a Lizard of course (:()


Costs: $10.75 for the set of Decypher coins, a LizardToadZ black nickel Pin, all packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag!


order here: www.thecachingplace.com

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Ours came on the weekend: very nicely done :ph34r: Now we have to decide how we want to use them...

Bonus!!! Got mine today and with so much more than I expected. I'm one happy farmer (and wish I'd bought more too).


At least I don't need to decide how I want to use it... Already created something using it. Not too many finders yet either but perhaps now that people are armed with their coins they'll be more sucessful. :huh::huh::ph34r::huh:

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I realize nobody's posted here in 11+ years, but here goes: I've got a Lizard Toadz decipher coin that has the tracking code scratched off except for the first two letters (PC). At the time it was given to me, the explanation was something to the effect that it was a test coin that wasn't intended for circulation...or something like that. I'm hoping to find out a little more about this coin, would appreciate any info I can get. Thanks!


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