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What Kind Of "liquids" Do You Carry?

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My water filter, a MSR Miniworks, always goes in my daypack along with a Camelback bladder and two Nalgene bottles. You can use the Nalgenes for mixing powdered single servings of sports drinks if you wish; they're easy to clean. If you're hiking near one of those picturesque mountain streams on a hot day, you can pump some cool water from it if your supply gets hot, or you run out.

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Water, Water, Water. I put only water and ice in my hydration bladder; too tough to clean it if you put other stuff in it. I also carry two frozen Nalgene bottles in addition to the bladder if I'm going for a long trek. Also keep a cooler in the car to replenish my on/in pack assets or just to have a cool one while driving between caches. A proper hydartion cycle is one of the keys in not becoming a heat casualty. Drink before, during, and after. If you maintain a proper diet, you're not going to wash out all your electrolytes on a day's caching trip.


Also be sure that you're acclimatized to the area you plan on caching in. Too many folks go out not properly prepared for the challenge ahead.

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I have a 3 Liter Camelbak, I like to bring goats milk with a teaspoon or so of vinegar in it. That way I drink it much slower <_< j/k. I use the water and ice method prefered by many posters ahead of me. I also tend to keep a small drink cooler full of ice and water in the truck so there is some refreshing cool water at the end of the day, and can be used to re-fill the Camelbak between hunts if out for a long day. All tap water.

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We have the 3 liter Cameback Mule, plus a 2 liter add-a-bladder that we'll stuff in the other compartment for those high-altitude long walk-abouts that Tahosa puts out.

We'll usually have a 2 gallon jug back at the car too, just in case.


We've only put water in the packs so far. Putting anything else in it seems like it'd be too much of a pain to clean the pack out, and the hose.

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