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West Virginia Geocahers


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There is KYOWVA.

This link takes you to the KYOWVA page which just now is only a local forum. Take heart though, it was recently hacked and just getting back up and running. If you are in Charleston, you aren't far away from us. KYOWVA stands for Kentucky (KY), Ohio (O), West Virginia (WV). By now you've figured out where we are. We're trying to put together a "meet 'n' greet", so perhaps you'll join us?

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Hi All,

I live in Boomer which is in Fayette County.

I work in Charleston tho.

Thanks for the group link, I am going to check it out.


I am just getting into the sport and look forward to reading your log entries.


GL and Good Hunting


When I was very young, I used to live in Boomer. I went to Fallsview for kindergarten and first grade.

I then went to Charleston, then to Tech, and am now in Elkins.

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Hi all,


Have been dormant for a while, No vehicle, but now I am back with JEEP. Would love to find a caching buddy, have done a few in the Charleston area, like the hikes and boxes instead of drive ups and micros, if you are interested, and need a caching partner, just holler, off every weekend (unless I pull OT)....


Oh yeah, you can probably tell where I'm from.....


As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

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Hi, just moved to WV over the summer and am trying to use geocaching as a way to explore my new home. :anitongue: Unfortunately before I had no money for gas, and now I'm about to have very little time. But I go out when I can!


I'd be happy to team up with someone nearby sometime for some finds so I can learn the tricks of the trade. :rolleyes:

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