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Announcing The Kayakerinme Geocoin!


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FYI: I have been overwhelmed by this latest round of trading. I just placed 7 sets in the mailbox, and there are still 14 emails and several PMs I have to reply to. I have to head out for the day but I'll get to all of them this weekend... really, really!


And, yes, in addition to the ones pending, I do have more antique silver and antique gold sets available, though gold is dwindling. The antique copper is down to 3 sets for trade so it'll have to be a good proposal! Actually, I'd kinda like to get rid of them all so if you are even thinking about a trade, let me know. :P




I think the kayaker is out for the day, we must have patience!

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Well, it's been quite a weekend. I have a large pile of packages sitting on the counter that I'll take down to the post office tomorrow morning.


I believe I've caught up with all the emails, PMs, and posts in this thread and in the trading thread. If you were expecting to hear from me and you haven't, please contact me again.


At this point I am just about out of antique gold and antique copper sets. I have about 70 of the antique silver sets remaining so if you'd like to trade for a set, please let me know.


Thanks for the frenzy BlueMotmot!

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Hi Barry,


sorry to bring this matter here, but, i can´t seem to get in touch with you by email :ph34r: .

I´ve sent you the coins that we agreed last January in the 5th of May and you got them one or two weeks later. It´s been almost 5 month since then and i´m still waiting for myh coins :mad: .

I dont know what happened but i want to believe that you probably forgot or there was some kind of mail problem or something, but, it would be nice to have some kind of answer from you. If you see this please send me an email.



Alberto aka manchanegra

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