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Introducing Myself

Wolf Grrl

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Hi all Central Valley Cachers,


My name is Kim aka Wolf Grrl (formerly known as KaeSky). I am moving to the Central Valley the first week of August and look forward to finding your caches. I also hope I get the opportunity to meet you all. I see there is a TeamJudd...I must meet you since my husband's name is Judd. :rolleyes:


Happy Caching!

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Well I guess noone else will speak up.


Hello and welcome. Which part of the Central Valley? Stockton area?


Myself i'm near Sacramento, and well, anyways.. it's hotter than hell right now here.


Have a good one.


Hi Marcie & Eric,


Thanks for responding! I am moving to Riverbank to be exact. Stockton isn't far and I am sure I will plan on caching your way.

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