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Catagory Proposal: Sky Lifts (ski Lift

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If you are referring to "Summer Ski Lifts" you will have to start a new "Category"

Many of the resort or winter lifts (see link below) operate as summer camps or as summer tourist lifts too, especially on some of the higher or more popular mountains.. ;)

This is a winter sports location with "Ski Lifts"


Lake Tahoe summer link----> RIDE THE GONDALA TO TRAIL HEADS.


Now why didn't I think of that "Category" when I set up "Winter Sports Locations"??? :huh:

Oh right...the limit was 3 and I had to forfit it :blink:


....So better hurry and set it up before I do :unsure::blink:

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I just came back from Gatlinburg and My wife loves the Sky lift. I would like to see a Catagory for all the sky (Ski) Lifts out there.


As with any category, definition is essential.


I'd love to see a category for scenic aerial tramways. These are spectacular places to visit. We have some in New England, but one of the best I've been on is in Quito, Ecuador. I'd require coords for both top and bottom, and pics of both, so this would require the waymarker to ride the tramway, but I don't see how else you could get a quality waymark.


I think you could have summer ski lifts that are used for scenic rides as a variable within this category. I'm not famiiar with the term sky lift, so maybe that is what I mean by aerial tramway.


I certainly think it is worth pursuing. Set up a management group, recruit a group of officers who will help you hammer out the description and variables. You can post it to the forum if you want some more input, and then the final stage is peer review which often garners more suggestions.


Go for it!

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Just looked up the "Sky Lift" you mentioned before.

Makes for some interesting reading such as .....The lift was an immediate success. By the third season of operation, over 100,000 tourists rode the Gatlinburg Lift. It was the first chairlift ever built in Dixieland.


More on their website below.

Gatlingburg - Skylift - Webpage


To start a "Category" ........

Go to the link "Category creation guide" and follow the instructions. If in in doubt contact any of us or post in the "Forum"


Category Creation Link here


added --->

B.T.W. ---You have to be a "Premium Member" to set up a "Category" :laughing: ....but you can add "Waymarks" to any "Category" of your choice. :laughing:

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