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Confused About Waymarking Forum Behavior

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This has confused me ever since I started coming to these Forums a few weeks ago. confused.gif


I have the "Fast Reply" option "on" in my Forum Options, however, I was missing it in the Waymarking Forums . . . sometimes. Finally this morning, I figured it out. Threads under "Getting Started with Waymarking" and "Recruitment and Category Proposals" do not have the "Fast Reply." :ph34r:


However, under "Waymark Category Discussion" the "Fast Reply" is present. :anitongue:


Why is this? :rolleyes:

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The Forums are still behaving like this . . . is there any input on this problem?


Because I have such a slow dialup connection (24K), I don't like having to hit the "Reply" button and then having to wait for that page to reload if I'm only posting a short reply.


That is also unnecesary load on the servers. :)

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