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"lost On The First Day Of An 8 Day Geo Vacation" Need Replacement Garmin Etrex Legend C

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We lost our Legend c in Roanoke on the first day of an 8 day NE 15 state motorcycle/geocaching vaction.

We used it to find the hotel and have not seen it since? "Yea it was vacation downer"

Any way I need a replacement I dont need new this time because I know how to use it, and dont want to spend the $$. Also does anyone know if my unit can be tracked, and will I be able to use the map software "city 7 I think" with a new unit? Feel free to respond here or e-mail me at Roadking-1@comcast.net

Thanks Steve :laughing:

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WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BUMMER!!! I hope it didn't throw your trip into total chaos!


Your CitySelect 7 should have a second unlock key available that you can use with a new unit, unless you already used it for something else.


Re: tracking, I don't think it's trackable the way you mean (ala "lowjack" or "onstar"), but I would definitely report it as lost and presumably stolen to Garmin, so that if someone tries to register it or key it to a new software package, it will pop up in their system.


Good luck!

Happy Trails,


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Thanks Moosiegirl I will let Garmin know.

Its sad because every time you turn it on it says "If found call Steve @ 615-___-____.

Oh well!

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