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Far Away Owned Caches

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Whats the farthest cache that you own, from your home? Do you have a geocacher from that area help mantain it, do you tough out the commute, or do you hope for the best and get out there as much as you can? Feedback would help, as I am deciding wether or not to plant a cache about 100 miles from my house. I have an RV in Maine that I can stay at and was wondering if I should try and plant a cache up there. I live in Massachusetts, though during summers, I will be going up there a good handful of times.

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100 miles? That's it?


Ain't nothin...


I had the Original Stash Plaque, over 1000 miles away...of course, I had a local cacher, Ponyryder, keeping an eye on it for me...as long as you can get to it, or travel up there often, it should be approved...if it's too far away for you to access easily, find a local cacher who is willing to look after it, and make a note of that in the cache page, so your reviewer knows about it...


Ultimately, though, I felt the Plaque belongs to all cachers, everywhere, so I proposed the Portland Area Geocachers adopt it from me, which they did. :D

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All of my caches I have ever placed are within 20 miles. All of mine also have a "backdoor" access point that lets me drive to within a couple hendred feet for quick and easy maintain access. Was thinking of placing caches further out but figured I would not be able to maintain them properly and quickly enough. 100 miles would be way too far for me.

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I figure any summer maintanance would be easy, because I will be visiting often, but other season would be a little harder, though it could be done. IDK if a Lock N Lock container is worth all that gas and time in the winter. I could always ask for an assistant in the New England forums.

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All 34 of my family's cache hides are within 13 miles of my home coordinates. This makes maintenance easy. I would have difficulties maintaining a cache 50 miles away, due to the road system where I live. It takes 45 minutes to drive the 13 miles to my furthest cache. Now, in a place like Kansas where the roads run in a straight line, you can drive for 45 minutes and maintain your cache that's 50 miles away, no problem.


Everyone's maintainable distance is a bit different. If you can demonstrate to your reviewer's satisfaction that you are able to maintain the cache, it can be published. The best thing to do is mention your maintenance plan right on your cache page. What you wrote in your post is a good first draft.

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I have 2 caches that are around 100 miles from my home. They are in Seattle, and I visit there quite often. So for it hasn't been a problem, fortunately! I feel even better about it recently, because my brother lives there and has been getting more into caching, so I feel confident that he could help me in an emergancy.

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Never place a cache that you can't maintain or have maintained by someone else in a reasonable amount of time.


That said, I have more than a dozen caches that are over 1,800 miles from where I spend most of my working year.


I manage to revisit each one on a regular basis plus my local geocaching family can check up on a cache if there is a real crisis. In three years they have only needed to do a check-up once.


This year I decided to visit as many of them as I could in just 2 days. It was more than 200 miles driving mostly OFF road at a cost of nearly $40 in gas. :D Plus, I hurt my back (dirt bike) and missed the last three.


The secret to MY success at maintaining so many caches that far from home has been placement. My caches are semi-remote and mostly in areas that you need 4WD or some other off-read vehicle to get to. I over value the terrain and difficulty as well. The caches get fewer visits, but the logs are of higher quality due to the interesting locations that I have shared. They are nearly all really fun 4WD park and grabs.

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I'm thinking between me and a volunteer local, I'll be fine. I've had caches hidden for 3/4 of a year so far and no required maintainence has been needed. If I have a solid cache, with a good container and plenty of log space, I may not even end up needing assistance.

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The vast majority of my 126 active caches are within 15 miles of my home. It helps make maintenance easy. 4 of them are 200+ miles away. One is a virt and three are regular caches. Though I think most reviewers would consider 200+ miles to be out of a maintainable distance, I had a record of finds in the area spread out over a few years. The reviewer I guess saw that as proof that I frequent the area.


If I had no record of finds in the area I doubt the caches would have been published, unless I had a really good

explanation of why I would be able to maintain them.

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