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Pirates Geocaching

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,Saw the Pirates movie yesterday.

Was surprised to see the earliest forms of Geocaching represented.

I was also impressed with the use of a unique handheld device to find the cache, but the swag

was not something I would likely want to find in a cache of mine.

A note to the owner would not only pointless, but downright dangerous.

Truly a 5/5 if ever I saw one.

If you found it how would you log your visit? assuming you saw the flick.




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If you found it how would you log your visit? assuming you saw the flick.





Found it!

Great Location! I can tell the hider really put his heart into this one!

Couldn't find the log though. Left a gold dubloon. Took heart.


Those undead creatures really wanted the FTF. Hopefully they won't be back to bother the second finder!



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Well, clearly, that heart was a travel bug that had been sitting in the cache too long. I think that the jar of dirt was just an illegal travelling cache, so it doesn't count, but I hope Lord Cutler or whoever moves it on soon!


No one returned the cache to the original coords. I foresee a lot of DNFs.

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I saw this movie last night and made the same comment "She's geocaching", when their on the island and Elizabeth is wandering this way and that with the compass in her hand... I was the only one laughing, the ulitimate inside joke. And just like me, she was standing on it the whole time....

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