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February 2, 1928. Noordhoek Peak. And it seems that this cache is still going, 78 years later!


Sure, it's not an official geocache, but the concept is the same!


I placed a cache a short while back called "Skyline Path", and while it hasn't had many attempts, Mike Golby decided to go searching for it. And as it turns out, he didn't find the correct cache! Instead, he found an old container hidden on Noordhoek peak, with bit of paper and log entries from hikers dating back to 1928!


Now how's that for an old cache!


Check out his comments on the cache page:

Skyline Path

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A similar, but not as cool story can be told of the fate of Hot on Top [GCKW1B]. The cache was place on the top of a rather large mountain starting across the river from Ais Ais Namibia (think Fish River Canyon).


The cache was destroyed by something and moved by a cacher to the visitor’s box at the top of the mountain. When we were there, there was a mix of muggle and goecache items in the box.


One of the more remote Geocaching adverts :)

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I think that these stories are incredible. That jar is like a little time capsule... I wonder if our caches will be stumbled upon in 100 years time, what would these people think... "Huskies", "Larks", "VespaX", "Tricky Vicky & Micky", and all our odd logs lumped together. One of the most logged book I've seen has been Table Top Trove, so many interesting notes from people all over the world!

I know that one of these "caches" is on top of Sneuberg Peak in the Cederberg... go get it!!

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I think that there must be quite a few of these containers floating around on our mountains.


And I think that I'll write the exact location of the jar in the cache log book which is hidden about 10m away. That way, visitors to the cache can go have a look!

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No, I haven't had the chance to go up there myself since the old "cache" was discovered. So it's still exactly where it was!

Hint: It's on top of the peak! :rolleyes:


Anyway, I'll go find it as soon as I get the chance, and I'll write the exact location in the logbook of the "Skyline Path" Cache.


P.S. Sorry the weather was so miserable. It really is an awesome spot!

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