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Magellan Mapsend Topo (us) Question

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I have this software and when I create a map of a region - it does not seem to include the streets so I can use it while on the road. I know the Topo version has streets (it says it does) and a few years ago when I bought it the maps I created had street info. Now, no matter what I do (in the Software and on the GPS itself) I can't figure out how. This is frustrating me as I will be on a one-week roadtrip to Atlanta and would like these maps.


To my knowledge, I never had to do anything different to get this feature. I'd simply create a region, download it to my GPS, and select the map, and it would work. I even played with the map settings on the GPS (detail).


Any ideas???



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What model GPS are you using? It sounds like a SporTrak or a Meridian...and indeed, once the map is uploaded you just select the detail map in card utilities (in the Meridan...don't know exactly how one accesses it on a ST) and you should be good to go. Are you zoomed in close enough?


Are you generating the file from a newly defined region?


Is your display within the uploaded regions in the file? If you zoom way, way out do you see rectangles defining the detail map area?

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