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:D I turn on the unit and I wait. I cannot get the unit to locate the satalights. I have been trying for days to get it to work. The last time I tried I was away from any buildings and standing in my driveway. Anyone have any ideas as to why I cannot get my unit to work?




AKA Point Dexter

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Depending on how long ago the unit last acquired satellites, you may need to leave it turned on in your back yard with a clear view of the sky for 10-15 minutes. Don't move it around, just leave it in the same place sitting on a pot or something.


You should be able to see whether it's getting ANY satellites on the page that shows the satellite positions and signal strength. You may also have to tell it to keep looking for satellites if the initial search times out.

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Whenever I have had this problem it was because at some point the unit asked me if I was indoors and I agreed to use the unit with the "GPS off". For some reason that "off state" did not get cleared when shutting it off completely and powering it back up later. If this might be your problem then fix as follows:

On main menu: "Setup", "System", "GPS" is probably set to "GPS off"; change that to "Normal".


Then go outdoors and let it acquire sattelites with clear view of the sky.

It should happen in less than 2-3 minutes; certainly not longer than 5 minutes.

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