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Event Cache In Nepa At Worlds End State Park?


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I am thinking about hosting an event at Worlds End State Park in late August or September and was just wondering how much interest there would be. I also might need some help depending upon how many people plan on showing up. I would also like to know what cachers might like to do for the day. Poker Run, Scavenger Hunt, Picnic, TB swap, three-legged race, TB throwing contest; that might be fun. Well, if anyone wants to let me know, please do. Thanks

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Yeah, here is one right in the park.




I have been talking to a fellow cacher about doing this and we kicked around the idea about having something at Ricketts Glen State Park instead of at Worlds End. Here is a cache right in Ricketts.




I am thinking of waiting until the leaves change colors, if the caterpillars left anything.


I would also like input from fellow cachers

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New info! The event is a go! I just have to finish the cache page so it can be published. I am hoping to get this done within the next day or so. I was at the park this week to talk to the manager. He gave his full approval. Denali7, you going to make it. Seems like quite the haul for you!

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in the winter i'm kind of a weekend warrior in wayne and susquahanna counties. my "to do" list includes more PA mountain exploring in the snowmobiling off-season, also known as fishing and caching seasons. :D


We'll be keeping an eye out for you on our mountains :) We're Lackawanna/Wayne based, but we haven't managed to cross your path yet. Hope to see you at the event - Hound

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hi F-A-T-H! i may not be familiar with land's end, but i know exactly where waymart and carbondale are. most of the caches i'd like to do on the ol' "winter turf " are around carbondale and honesdale--many are yours! :)

(geeze, i miss that winterfest they used to have in honesdale in february...so cool to watch the ice sculptors!)


eta: COOL profile!

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