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Deleting A Cache


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You can also disable an unpublished cache so that it is removed from the review queue. Reviewers only review and publish caches that are marked active.


The advantage to disabling a cache is that you can re-use your page later on once you find a better spot. Or it can remain as your test cache indefinitely.


Please either archive or disable your cache soon, though, so you don't waste your volunteer cache reviewer's time. Your latest cache page does not meet the listing guidelines and the reviewer would need to spend time explaining that.

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If you're just going to check to see if the area is "open," don't waste the time and space creating a new cache page. You can either

(1)Go to the spot, with all nearby caches in your GPSr, and make sure none are closer than .10 miles

(2)Use a map to check for .10 miles from your location.

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