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How Far Have You Gone?

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How far would you go and how much money would you spend just to show a TB a good time?


Normally, I'm a move'em and drop'em TB handler, but every now and then there's a bug that I really want to show a good time.


The Enterprise-D was one of those special TBs for me.


I'm a huge Trek fan, but I'd stop short of calling myself a Trekker. Having the Enterprise-D in my possession gave me an excuse to act like a total geek while visiting Star Trek: The Experience not once, but TWICE, on my vacation.


I spent about $85 on tickets that I wouldn't normally have, but I felt that the TB's first and only visit to this site was far too brief. I went back and really did it up right.






I took dozens more shots during the trip that will be loaded in the next couple of days, (In the snow on top of Mammoth Mtn, at Yosemite, on the shores of Monterey Bay, and at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, all over the SF area including the Golden Gate, Fisherman's Wharf and the Sounds of the Bay geocache) but I also went outta my way to take it to Barringer Crater aka Meteor Crater (been there, done that many times before) and paid the $15 just to get a shot for the TB there too.


No thanks needed. I was happy to do it. :lol:


SO, what's your story............???

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As far as a Travel Bug, I think I might go all of the way. Since I am the one taking Travel Bug to it's adventures, I receive just as much enjoyment as the Travel Bug and owner.


I am new to Geocaching, so I have only done that once.


COOL! :(


That's what I was lookin' for. I've logged a lot of bugs and it's rare to see one get that kind of special treatment.


Gives me hope for my own bugs. :)

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We're pretty new to the sport, but find TBs and Coins to be most of the fun. Of the few that we've had...

  • took one to the zoo to visit elephants (the bug's goal). pics taken, of course
  • solved a difficulty 3 puzzle to move a micro coin to another puzzle of the same type
  • will be taking a TB to Wales (in the UK) with us. It's in a race to a specific German cache
  • moved one that wanted to go sailing closer to the coast, placed near a Yacht Club

Any chance we get, we'll do our best to help them reach their goals!

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A few years ago when I was heading west to the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois I stopped at a cache in Ohio and picked up the Lego Racer TB which wanted to visit race tracks. I would have grabbed the bug regardless (a. because it was a TB, b. because I love legos, c. I love racing), but I figured there was a good chance I could help it reach it's goal. I knew I'd be driving through Indianapolis, but I wasn't sure how close I'd be to the speedway. Well, as it turned out, I drove through a part of town I recognized (I had been to the speedway before) and knew I was less than a mile away. So, I took a detour, stopped at the track, snapped some pics and was able to log him into a virtual cache at the track.

That was one of my most memorable TB experiences and would love to have more like that.

Bug note

Need for Speed cache drop



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I'd climb a mountain to help a TB along on its mission! I'd even risk looking like Medusa.



I'd paddle raging rivers! If they would rage.



I'd even go to Florida and back!



Heck, I'd even kiss the Mayor of New York City for a travel bug!



(the log book in his hand is the travel bug, getting his signature)

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...I'd stop short of calling myself a Trekker. ...I spent about $85 on tickets that I wouldn't normally have...

The first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem... :wub:


I enjoy helping travel bugs along on their missions, and I frequently document their travels with photos. I wouldn't shell out 85 bucks just to help a travel bug, but I suppose I could use a bug's mission as an excuse for spending money I might have difficulty justifying otherwise. But that's just me. :wub:

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We helped Zuma2 catch the start of the Yukon Quest sleddog race in Fairbanks and then handed him off to MamaMouse who handed him off to Paul Gebhardt. Gebhardt raced with Zuma from Anchorage to Nome (finishing 3rd overall) and brought him back to civilization. MamaMouse then helped Zuma finish his goals by visiting the Balto statue in downtown Anchorage and the Iditarod Museum in Wasilla before returning him to his owner in Florida.


Zuma on beach in Maui:


Zuma at Yukon Quest:


Finishing the Iditarod:


With Gebhardt the under the finish line burled arch:


With Balto:


Zuma at Iditarod Headquarters:


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