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Mint Condition Gpsmap 76cs + City Select V7

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I am selling my GPSMAP 76CS along with City Select v7. I messed up the rubber on my unit due to the mount I was using so I sent it to Garmin for repair. As they usually do, they sent me a different unit in factory new condition. It is utterly umblemished. The unit I returned had City Select North America v7 fully unlocked so I made sure that they sent me a new unlock code that will work with the replacement unit. I haven't unlocked the maps to this unit but will provide the code so that you can do it yourself. I will also, of course, include the USB cable to interface the GPSr with your computer as well as Trip and Waypoint Manager. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY ONE (1) UNLOCK CODE IS INCLUDED.


I took a picture of the unit and the other stuff that comes with it but I didn't want to shrink them down much because I want you to be able to see for yourself the condition of the unit so I'm just linking to the pictures rather than posting large images here. The unit has a cheapo screen protector that was added by Garmin. I would recommend that the purchaser buy an invisibleSHIELD. It's the best protection you can buy for your screen.


I'm asking $300.00 for this and, considering it includes City Select, I think that is very reasonable. The reason I'm selling is because I bought a GPAMAP 76CSx and I would like to recover some of my costs.


NOTE: Due to a recent fiasco where I lost $425.00 on an eBay sale due to PayPal I will no longer accept PayPal. I will accept payment via Money Order only. Sorry about that.


Buyer to add $10.00 shipping for USPS Priority Mail. Shipped to U.S. lower 48 only.


I wanted to put this here first but, if it doesn't sell in a fairly short time I'll move it to eBay.


GPSMAP 76CS - Actual unit I'm selling


Software, Manual, Etc.



Feel free to contact me via email with any questions. Just click on my name at the left of this message to reach my gc.com profile and there is an email link there.

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So far 211 views - 1 lowball offer. I think the asking price is very reasonable. Perhaps others don't agree.


Today is Tuesday. I'll be going out of town Friday and will be back in town on Sunday or Monday most likely. I'll check back then and, if there is no buyer, I'll move this to eBay. At that time I'll have to close this thread and the items will no longer be for sale through this forum.


Thanks for looking.

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I agree this is a great deal! If I thought he would take 100 or so ammo cans in trade for it (REALLY! :laughing: LOL), I might go for it, but I don't have enough available cash at the moment. I really wish, as much as I'm on water, that I had a waterproof and floatable unit (MUCH LESS the skads of memory).


Happy Trails!


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I really didn't want to take this to eBay and, fortunately, I didn't have to. The unit has been sold to a new cacher. I'm positive she will be happy with it and hope she has as much fun with this silly hobby as I have. Since the unit is sold I will close the thread.

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