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Panther On The Loose In East Sussex?!

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Apparently a woman was driving down a quiet East Sussex country lane when she saw a large black cat sat on the road in front of her... :(:(


Top story (Fri 14/7) then follow link to local paper


These caches appear to be in the immediate area... :(


Caches close to the pussy cat's den!


So be careful where you go poking your caching stick over the weekend - you might be in for a big surprise! :(







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In the mid-seventies the law was changed making it illegal to keep a big cat without a licence. There's been speculation since that people who wouldn't have met the conditions of a licence or who couldn't afford one may have released big cats into the countryside rather than have to have them put down, and that some of those may have bred.


On the other hand, some years ago there were frequent sightings of a supposed large black big cat south of Salisbury, Wiltshire. These sightings occured often over a period of, I think, about eighteen months or so. Then one night a large black dog was found dead by the roadside, and from its condition it had evidently been living wild for some time. There were no further big cat sightings...

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As a related subject, if you're doing Park Hill Runaround GCV8YH late in the evening, or early morning then I can confirm that the lions are being very vocal at the moment and often once they start the wolves join in.

Gives interesting sound effects to this cache. But you needn't worry the lions and the wolves are safely in big enclosures.

But several years ago a hippo did go for a walkabout to a local village.

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Here in the Forest of Dean we have a problem with wild boar that can be quite aggressive apparently as well as big cat sightings one of which has been seen by Mr F.B. himself a couple of years ago.


Are you sure that was not a pink panther following a few to many pink gin's. :laughing:

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