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My Lowrance Users Geocaching Guide

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The new Lowrance Users Geocaching Guide


I started a website to give info on Geocaching with a Lowrance Unit, hope some of you find it useful.


I have forums as well, so if you want to contribute you can. I'm willing to post info submitted by users, so I'll gladly accept articles from contributers if you feel you have something to share. I would appreciate the added knowledge of contributers as my experience is limited to the older i-Finder and AirMap line.


It started out with me writing little articles on how to load Geocaches to Lowrance units, and I made a Blog space to put them in. My visit counters showed I had a regular influx of new viewers, and that I have a small group of regular visitors. Knowing that I started searching around and finally found some free hosting without ad's, so now I can expand the information in a more logical layout.


Thanks for looking and I hope some of you find it helpful. Feel free to comment on it, I just launched it publicly today and still may have a few kinks to work out.

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Thanks everyone for looking, my visit counter has shot through the roof. As of now I've gotten 136 views today.


I know, it's shameless promotion, but I want to put some words here so the forum search will turn this topic up after it leaves the front page for good. Web searches won't turn my site up, so I rely on hits from places like this forum for anyone to ever find it.



i-Finder ifinder Lowrance waypoints AirMap mapcreate

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Nice site. Do the iFINDER series have a dedicated Geocache mode? Right now, I'm trying to decide between the Garmin Vista Cx or GPSMap 60 Csx and the Lowrance iFinder Expedition C. Garmin seem to have more software available, but the MapCreate topo looks like it's 1:24000 vs Garmin's 1:100,000 and Garmins seems to have more software. Though I'm not crazy about Lowrance's SD card limit, I wish they had a visual example somewhere.


I'm going to use this primarily for hiking/geocaching. Any thougts?

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Do the iFINDER series have a dedicated Geocache mode?

No, there is no function specifically for Geocaching.


MapCreate mapping has contour lines every 50 feet of elevation. The 5 card limit can be any card, if you use 5 1GB cards, I'm pretty sure between them you could have all the USA and room left over for waypoints, tracks, and routes by the hundreds.


If you don't want or need Auto- Routing, Lowrance's are usually a lot cheaper considering the features. The only mapping they run is Mapcreate, but both road, terrain, and POI info is included. You can buy a package including all the accessories like I did, and be set to run without buying anything else.

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That's a new one on me, I've never seen that happen. I'd try it again, either by making a new database, or clearing the old one, then re-load the original Pocket Query in GSAK and run the loading process again. Try a do over, and see if it does this consistently.

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