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Badandy Special Edition Orders


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All domestic shipments went out this morning and should be in your mailboxes within a couple days. International orders will go out tomorrow (I ran out of customs forms).


The icons are showing as generic PC coins, but we're working on getting that fixed.



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My two sets of Bad Andy coins came today! Super shiny nice coins!


One set will be going to a previous poster here, who missed out on the order.


I'll be releasing my copy out into the geocache community this coming week. I hope it travels long, and far.


Thanks for the coins, it's a great idea, the copy coin.



Band of Bradys

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;) I got my coins today as well and I am very pleased! I've wanted a BadAndy coin for a while and now I have two (even though one will go and travel). I will also try to find a special cache to start it's journey, not because I am afraid it will be traded for a quarter but because it deserves a grand send-off! Thanks for minting this coin, I am very pleased to be an owner.
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So, I'm sitting here bragging to my friend about how timely and efficient my recent geocoin project went when I start getting messages asking


"Hey...wheres my coin?"


The honest answer to that question if asked yesterday would be..."In the glovebox of my van."


The answer if asked today would be... "At the post office."


Sorry for the late mailing of 9 of the international orders, No good excuse for it...I just forgot they were still in the glovebox. So much for my bragging rights.


I did open each one this morning to add an extra geocoin since they are late. If you ordered a silver "copy" I added a silver individual coin, if you ordered a gold "copy" I added a gold.

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