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Large Or Heavy Travel Bugs


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There is one of a cinderblock and another of a manhole cover (about 100 lbs I was told).


Cindy, I think is the cynder block.


I should attache a tag to my old POS recneck monument of a rig. Give it mission of being a home for all the oversized travel bugs. That might make the rig go away and score major points with my wife who wants it to go away.

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Thanks for the cool links, I hope to get to move them one day, though it looks as though they are popular at the events! I like Tiny Tim because his mission is to go to tough places so I guess there are few cachers willing to hike up or down a mountain with him on your back. I hope there are others out there and if I find the right object I might have to do the same thing.


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Katydid and I have always had a facination with large TBs - she facinated to see me lug the heavy beasts around! :( Hehe.


You'll need to come prepared to haul away our newest TB, Milestone Marker - he's four feet tall and weighs in at a hefty 210 pounds!!! :(:(



Paul's Ball, our other large TB, has also been a lot of fun. Paul wants to travel to remote caches in the New England area and serve as a challenge for other cachers to come and get him. We are often aked where is Paul's other ball. :( We're hopeful the hermit crabs may one day find it. We did toy with the idea of naming Milestone Marker as Paul's Pentacle. :(


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I was gonna mention Cold War Relic which I moved but someone already posted it. That was a cool bug, I had to get rid of quick because when I showed it to a friend he wanted to open it to taste the candy!


If you come across a large bug like the ones above, take it to a bug hotel in another cacher's yard and drop it on their doorstep, lots of fun, and your fellow cacher gets a nice, big surprise when they open their door. Just don't let me them catch you putting it there! :)

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Here's a heavyweight for ya! :laughing: I recently started the Parrothead TB, it tips the scales at 10,000 pounds!

Fortunatley you don't have to pick it up,.......just "discover it" to log it. We'll be adding another parrothead to the back soon and a Junior parrothead to the right side of the ol' beast.






Parrothead TB

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I recently started the Parrothead TB, it tips the scales at 10,000 pounds!

Fortunatley you don't have to pick it up,.......just "discover it" to log it.


And I was lucky enough to be the first to "Discover" ParrotHead! Actually Dolango is my Best Buddy. And he invited me up to the Idaho area for an RVing trip through Yellowstone Park and more. I live in Hawaii and getting the opportunity to cache on the mainland was one not to be missed. ParrotHead is a '71 Dodge that runs beautifully and is very comfortable. Check out TBNJH2 to find it. Aloha, Menehune Man

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There is hope, then, for some railroad track I salvaged from an area below a tressel that was blown up during the Civil War.

My question is this: Ya can't leave then in a cache - do you just log them thru? Don't think I'd like hauling some of those 'balls' around in the mountain caches here!! Bac for the back - among other parts!!

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We have a Peugeot 205 Cab (Convertible for you americans :() and it's a cab. Right now there is just one larger TB logotype on the back of the car, but as soon we have fixed the small problem with corrosion of the front doors will we have really HUGE TB logotypes on both sides of the car also...


And we are also human travel bugs, since we have T-shirts stating "I'm a travel bug - log me" <_<

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I noticed a bowling ball in the Seattle area. Btw, I would treat the heavy object as a cache, log it and leave it.




Is there a link to the Bowling Ball TB or have you only heard of it?


Here you go (the things you remember ?????) ;)Blue Ball


I want to know if that bowling ball put that cacher over the luggage weight limit taking it all the way to Italy...... LOL

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We own the TB 29lbs 29lbs which has moved 4710 miles for just about 2 years. Its just a big cement block and people love taking it to events for the "booby prize" for some odd reason. I've heard of people racing to caches to get it.


I figured if I was gonna invest in a $6 TB tag that might get lost I should make it something that won't get misplaced and everyone wants to get their hands on it.

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Right now, I'm trying to resist the urge to head down to a section of the railway tracks a few blocks from my house, where there is a lot of discarded material from the tracks, and pick up one of several sections of a railway crossing barricade abandoned in this location, and make it into a travel bug.


The barricade is surprisingly light, but it is over 4 ft long.


Do you think 'Barry' is too cheesy of a name for it?

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A couple of the larger ones I've seen:


Mary Proppins (one blade of an airplane propeller)




:D That is one handsome devil!!! :D I put Mary Proppins on the scale and if memory serves she was around 34 lbs. She was a resident of my living room for a couple of months, I kinda miss the ol'girl. ;)


She's back east again, want me to see if I can get her back for you?:rolleyes:

Actually she was much heavier than that when we started out. There is a big metal bearing race that I cut off of the base just to make the bug lighter.

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