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The Sepag Geocoin Icon Contest

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A. sepag32.jpgsepag16.jpg


B. bell32x32.jpgbell16x16.jpg


C. LB3232.gifLB1616.gif


Choices, choices, choices!!! How do I choose?? They are all so very nice. But if I had to rate them I would choose B then C then A






The plain side of the coin is 'so' much better looking than the busy side.

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ding ding ding..... we have a winner!


Personally I am not sure why everyone is into the american flag bell. It really doesn't say much about SEPAG or the coin itself. I can't make any icons, but how bout one with a lightning bolt in it like the coin.


I also really like the plain liberty bell that someone above listed as "A".

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*I* demanded it? LOL. No, I wanted you to have an icon by the time we got our coins B)


It was meant as a joke and to be cute. No offense intended and I'm sorry if you took it as such!


Odragon being cute. :) ROFLMAO!

How about having Ben on the icon (not that Ben, this one):



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Hehe... well it looked like a landslide... even though I voted for the other one!

Do you have any SEPAG coins left for trade or sale?


Why yes, I have some for sale, maybe a couple for trade.


And in the end, it wasn't a landslide, the winner only won by 3 votes!

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