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For Sale: Garmin Etrex Vista Cx W/extras

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I have a lightly used and well-treated eTrex Vista Cx for sale at:




It comes with a bike mount, carabiner clip holder, and MapSource CitySelect v7 North America. Also has all the normal stuff, like USB cable and instruction book. Take a look if interested! The auction ends Saturday and starting price is $299 (though reserve is $350).

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thanks for the tips, guys. i'm a longtime ebay seller myself, and have a feeling this would have sold - had i not ended the auction early due to my decision to keep the unit. decided an upgrade was a kind of silly idea in the first place. however, considering that the retail value of all the things i offered in the auction would be around $450, a used price of $100 less than that seemed reasonable.


i guess at this point it doesn't matter because i'm keeping the thing anyways. :laughing:

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There was a 60CSx on here a couple weeks ago that went for $250.00US. Add $50 - $75 for obsolte CS v7 mapping software and you could have had a much superior unit for less. Sounds like someone's on crack!


Oh ya! You may want to cloes this thread to keep others from voicing their opinions.

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ha! let me voice MY opinion again, which is that plenty of people would pay what i offered for my unit. i sold my roommate's USED VISTA (greyscale screen, no software) for $265 not a month ago on ebay. no extras. sure, you can find the occasional awesome deal. but a new vista cx from REI is going to cost you $350. lots of people are REI fans and wouldn't think twice about buying a unit for cheaper with a little 'net research. OR, if they do decide to look on the internet, perhaps they'd see my unit with software and extras for the same price, and buy it! great deals on 60CSxs are an exception, not a rule.


as far as the superiority of the 60 CSx goes, that's another questionable issue. the vista is palm-sized and not cumbersome or eye-catching in any way, which is ultimately why i decided to keep it. the 60/76 series, for all their benefits, are NOT small or stealthy. considering that my unit spends a good deal of time connected to the handlebars of my mountain bike, i'm looking for something that won't look and feel like a brick. i bet that, in a year or two, a vista-sized unit with the SiRF chipset comes along, and i'm gonna wait for that one.


i'd love to hear more opinions, so long as people have nothing better to do than voice 'em. but i can't really say my piece any better than i just have. besides, i have nothing but respect for my fellow geocachers, and don't want to see this thread turn nasty.


and thanks, White Sage, for your input. :anitongue:

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