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Idea For A Travel Bug Mission

Western Mass Clan
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I'm sure this has probably been done before - and is probably not an original idea. However, I wanted to get other cachers feelings / ideas on this one.


I'm considering releasing a travel bug that can easily be mailed around the world from cacher to cacher and placed in local caches. It would have a note on it that said, "Please retreive only if you're willing to mail this travel bug to a cacher in a new destination somewhere in the world". I would also include some instructions on the flip side.


The logs for a TB of this type would probably read something like: (1) Cacher AAA retrieved "mail bug" from Cache XXX (in Boston). (2) Cacher BBB grabbed "mail bug" (in London) (3) Cacher BBB placed "mail bug" in Cache YYY (in London). (4) Cacher CCC retreived "mail bug from Cache YYY (in London) (5) Cacher DDD grabbed "mail bug" (in Toronto) ..... rinse & repeat as desired. :laughing:


I would make it small and flat so that it could easily be slipped into a letter-sized envelope. The bug itself would probably be a large-sized, fictional "US GeoCaching" stamp (39 cents!) with the tag either scanned and printed on it or simply taped to the card-stock.


I know there are some who might feel this might be akin to "whoring for TB miles", but I think its a fun idea for a Travel Bug - having a travel bug that "pops in and out" of locations around the world. The fun part would be that whenever it's retreived you would have no idea where it will end up! Of course, if the person who finds it doesn't want to go to the expense of mailing it, they can leave it in the cache or simply hand-carry it to a new cache in the "traditional way" (no harm / no foul).




Western Mass Clan (Dad)

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