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A few years ago, my wife and I flew to Washington state to attend the wedding of her cousin. Turns out that her cousin and his bride and all their friends are hippies. The wedding on the beach was beautiful and the reception went long into the evening.


My wife and I were in her aunt and uncles cabin when another cousin (not the one who got married) wandered in and collapsed into a chair. We all laughed when he said, 'Man, I'm all hippied out!'

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It really would not be that hard to put one together. Just grab one of the kids most annoying talking toys "Teddy Ruxpun (sp?)" or a see & say comes to mind. Remove the works and install a simple magnetic switch in the ammo can with a 9v and when someone opens the can "Teddy" starts talking or "a cow goes MOOOO".


Electronic stores have tons of gadgets and I am sure you could get someone in there to tell you how to put one together if you have trouble.

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Would you like me to place a cache that Lit up an "talked" :laughing:


We have a wonderful night cache in our area that requires you to be at the coordinates at the stroke of midnight. At that moment there is a ghostly voice that tells your the cords of the final. Sort of a robocache just a bit more scary

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I've been thinking of doing something along these lines. My kid has a Little Tikes Dinosaur flashlight the "Roars" when you turn it on. I was going to gut the light and put it in an ammo can. I may have to waterproof or replace one or two of the components with waterproof substitutes, but tit should work.

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