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Traverse City, Mi Caches

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My wife and I and a couple friends are going to be camping in the Traverse City area and would like to try our hand at geocaching. Another friend is loaning me his GPS unit so we can give it a try. Does anyone in the Traverse City area have any favorite caches they would like to recommend? We would like to stick with easy to moderate since we are newbies; same for terrain difficulty.


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Use the 49684 zip code and run a search, see what looks interesting. We camped there in eary May so we didn't have a whole lot of finds under our belt. We did School Days, Boughey, Paperback Writer and Burma Shave. Burma Shave was lots of fun once you got the hang of it, it was a long hike however. We tried Loop de Loop but were unsuccesfull at that one...lots in the area!


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Use the 49684 zip code and run a search, see what looks interesting.


That's what I ended up doing. I've got coordinates loaded for six of them - Welcome to Traverse City; Fort Knox Geocoin Vault; A Doggone good cache; Waypoint Kid's Travel Bug Motel, Cazzino and Spa; I'm Rather Afraid of Trolls; and Al Quacka and Kong.


Hopefully we'll be successful! This will be our first geocaching experience and I'd like for my wife and our two camping friends to have a lot of fun so they'll want to do it again! B)


Thanks for the reply!

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You can also use this one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...19-c6e4fc70960d as a refrence point for some easy caches. It's a bit out of town but there are many caches in a small area with minimal driving. There are also some nice caches along the Mission Penninsula to the north of town. Have a great vacation there. I love the TC area, I'll be somewhat near there in two weeks.

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Well, we're back! I would like to thank the Traverse City area geocachers and those of you who provided suggestions in this thread. We had a great first experience geocaching! We found all six caches we set out to find. Most of them were just Doug and I but we managed to get our wives to come along on a couple. We'll keep "easing" them into it! :rolleyes:

Let me just add, the old state hospital grounds in TC are "very challenging terrain" for us flatland NE Indiana folk! But we managed, and also moved along three travelbugs!

Thanks again!

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