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Cash Stealer

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Hello cashers,

Here in Beringen (Belgium, limburg) we have a cash stealer. There is someone who steals cashes and destroys waypoints. Does someone already have witnesses this ? Do you have some good hints to stop this stealer ?


Typically, people like that get thier kicks on the reactions that the community has, suggested ways to combat, in your regional, or your local cache site, state simply that apparently there is someone stealing caches, don't show much reaction, just be informative, then either stop hiding caches for a few months, or have people switch to hiding subscriber only caches, usually cache slugs like that won't actually spend thier own money to mess with people.


Good luck!

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Quietly replace or archive the caches without mentioning the theft on the cache page, in the logs or any forums.


Many of these people are looking for attention and when they get it, it only encourages them. If nobody notices, there is no fun in it and they usually get bored and move on to something else.

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