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Custom Icons?

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On my 60csx, I notice while looking through al the icons that I can assign to a POI that I mark, there is a section with a bunch of colored circles located under a title of "CUSTOM".


What is this about? I'm assuming you can make custom icons, but how do you do that?

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Not sure if this applies to POIs but check this info about creating custom icons for waypoints.

Don't confuse POIs with waypoints. Waypoints are generally locations you enter into the unit on the fly. The custom waypoint icons you mention are associated with waypoints.


To learn more about the custom waypoint icons, go to the above mentioned Web site and skip down to "9. Is there any way to make custom waypoint symbols and upload them to your GPSr?"


POIs are generally searchable locations that are built into map data. Your GPSr is an awesome unit which also allows you to create your own custom POIs with their own associated custom icons. An example of why you might want to use this feature is that your unit is limited to 1,000 waypoints. Using the custom POI feature, I'm able to keep a database of of 50,000 aviation-related locations including airports, navigation beacons and airway intersections. Others use it for the locations of red-light cameras. I think a lot of geocachers use it for storing lots of geocaches. You can use the same image(s) for these custom POIs as the one for ones custom waypoints, but they must be named differently.


CLICK HERE to view one of the most extensive threads about custom POIs. Keep in mind that as they discuss using .csv files back then, now you can use .gpx files as well!


Then when you get a chance, go through the entire 60Cs FAQ. Lots of great info there compiled into one great page.

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