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Finding Degrees With Your Gps... ?

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I was trying to find a cache today and realized that the coordinates where only to the parking spot. I then needed to go a certain direction ( bearing 206 degrees) to get to the cache. How do you do this? I don't think my Garmin Quest has this feature (degrees). Thanks,


Patrick~~ **Trapnhunt4ever**

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I'm not familliar with your GPS, so I couldn't tell you about that...




a bearing is a line from north - so if you know where north is or have a compass to tell you where north is, your bearing (direction to travel in) is 206 degrees.


90 degrees is East

180 is south

270 is west

0 or 360 is north


find your north reading from your starting point, and follow the 206 bearing the distance (may or may not be specified).

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Assuming that your GPSr has a GOTO function with a bearing to the waypoint...........leave this on after you get to the waypoint, and walk in a direction that shows your bearing to the waypoint of 26 degrees. This is the opposite direction from 206 degrees (add 180 to it.)

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Im not familiar with the Quest but im sure it has the compass and arrow page. This method is easy and works with caches where you can walk in an unobstructed straight line the correct distance from the first set of cache page coordinates, in this case, the parking spot.


Go to and zero out as best you can at the parking coordinates. With your GPSr's compass page showing, start walking and change directions until 206° lines up at top of the GPSr (don't pay any attention to the arrow itself, only look at the compass ring numbers). Once you know which direction you you need to head, then, if needed, you can start at ground zero again and begin walking in the right direction. Now all you have to do is walk in a straight line until the appropriate distance (you can monitor the distance from the parking spot "goto") is reached.


But, if this line is obstructed or the distance is farther than a few hundred feet, then it would be easier projecting that waypoint. I'm pretty sure your GPSr will do this too, but you'll have to read the manual or get someone who knows to show you how.



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If you don't have a compass, use the "project waypoint" or "measure distance" function to put a waypoint on the bearing. Then just "go to" the waypoint and follow the arrow. Make sure the GPS is set correctly to either "TRUE" or "MAGNETIC" for the bearing.

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