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Smiley Or Not?

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In February of 2005, I was ftf on a cache that was listed on a different listing service. Since that service hardly gets any hits, I was pretty much the only finder, and a month later the owner converted it to a gc.com cache. The gc.com ftf was confused, as I had already signed the log, so I posted a note saying I had previously found it but wouldn't log it on gc.com.


Now I'm approaching my 1000th find and it's bugging me, I want my numbers to be accurate. Did I find this one or not? It's deep in a trail with plenty of ticks and poison oak and brambles, so I'm not too eager to go find it again just to rewrite my name on the very same logsheet.


Okay, almighty geocaching community, is this a smiley or not?

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I have some caches that I listed here and later cross listed on another site. A number of people who found my cache via this site's listing, logged their finds on the other site too once I listed them there.


I didn't for a moment think there was anything wrong with that.

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If you signed the log, why not post the find here and backdate it?


This is just a LISTING service - you did find the cache.


You found the cache and signed the log. I say that is a :rolleyes: .


I also think it is great that you care enough to look for guidance.


I agree with these two. You found it, just with another website. Its still a find. Just log it to the date you visited.

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