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Double Dragon Geocoins On Sale Now!


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After a few months of preparations and hard work, the Double Dragon Geocoins is now officially on sale! I want to thank everyone’s support. Most of all, for those of you who had already reserved and paid for your coins, thank you very much for the purchase!!!


Coin Stats:


Two-tones Double Dragon Geocoin (200 minted)

[Please pardon the quality of the pictures. I have a hard time photographing the two-tones coins because of their shiny and reflective surfaces]




Antique Gold Double Dragon Geocoin (100 minted)




Antique Copper Double Dragon Geocoin (100 minted)




Antique Silver Double Dragon Geocoin (100 minted)




Diameter: 1.75"

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 1.6oz

Trackable on geocaching.com

Custom prefix tracking code (DWXXXX)

Custom icon 175658598_04f1d52ae2_o.jpg

Estimate Shipping Date: Mid-July, 2006. A confirmation e-mail will be sent out upon delivery.


Sales and Shipping Information:




1 coin: $10.00

2-5 coins: $9.40 ea

6-10 coins: $9.00 ea

11+ coins: $8.75 ea


Domestic Sales:


Shipping and Handling included (domestic only)

Delivery Confirmation included (domestic only)


Residents in State of CA adds 8.25% sales tax.


Shipping to Canada:


Add $1.00 for first coin

$0.50 for each additional coin, per order


Shipping Outside of US and Canada:


Add $2.00 for first coin

$1.00 for each additional coin, per order


All sales in USD. PayPal (credit card accepted) strongly preferred. However, cashier checks are also accepted (Please contact for details)



Buy your Double Dragon Geocoins now!



I understand some of you might resell my coins on eBay or other online auction sites. Respectfully, I will ask that you wait until I have received my coins from the mint before advertising them. It is not fair to presale my coins before I have them in my hands.


Thank you very much again for your patient and support! Most of all, thank you for ordering my very first batch of geocoins. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at derek@dwprods.com


Have a great day!


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Awesome coin! Order has been placed. Look forward to circulating a bunch of these in California and Oregon caches.


Thank you for the kind words! It would definitely be interesting to see if some of them make its way down to SoCa!


The coins have left the the coin mint!!!! very excited!!!!



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OK... I have put together about 20 packages last night and they will go out at some point today.... Some of you might have already received a confirmation email from PayPal. I'll try to get the rest of them done by this weekend.


International mail might take a little longer for me to do since I'll have to stand in line at the post office and all...


Thanks again.


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I received mine today. They are beautiful. The photos do not do them justice at all. I liked them so much that I just bought the other two metals I didn't originally buy.


Which metals did you receive already? (I ordered the Antique Copper and Antique Silver.)


I purchased the two-tone and the antique gold. So before they sold out, I went and purchased an antique silver and an antique copper.

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Thanks for all the kind words!!!! And glad you enjoy them!




* Antique Silver coins are gone.


* There was a problem on my website earlier. Some folks were not able to make a purchase (PayPal error message.) This problem has been solved temporarily and you can now (again) make purchase. Complete update will be done by this evening.


* I have shipped out about 20-30 domestic packages this morning!!!!


* I am also going to the post office this afternoon to send out all the Canada and international order!


* I have about 20-30 more orders to package and they shall be done in the next few days!


Thanks again guys!


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OK. All Canada and international packages have been shipped out!


It was an interesting experience at the post office. The lady helped me to process the 30 packages was very nice! I sorted the packages by country and by weight and she thanked me for that. She even went to lunch 20 minutes late to help me out! It has been a great and positive experience really!

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* OK.... I have packaged and printed out about 30-40 domestic orders tonight and they will be dropped off at the post office tomorrow morning... I still have a few packages to be done in the next couple of days...


* Both Antnqie Silver and Antique Copper are now


* Still have a few more Antique Gold and a bunch of Two-tones


Thanks again!


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Glad you guys like them!


I am actually very surprised of how fast they got to the UK and the Netherlands. I was told that it generally takes about 2 weeks to get to the other wide of the world. I sent them out on Monday and Thursday! (well, I assume it was the Monday packages that got delivered)

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