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Request: Additional Waymark Visit Variables

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Hi Groundspeak,


I think that some categories could use the ability to have waymark visitors provide searchable/sortable/rankable information based on their visit.


A good example is in the restaurants/food establishments category.


I would like to see the option to list a rating for several variables:

* overall (you can do this now I think)

* food quality

* service quality

* atmosphere

* health score (this would be the posted score at the time of the visit)


(I'm assuming that anything put into a "variable" category will eventually be available for searching and sorting.)


I think that it might make sense to have a set of "food establishment" standard variables but if not, allow the category owners a way to add variables for the waymark visitors to complete (optional or not) when they visit.


I think this would add a great deal of usefulness to the Waymarking data.



~J of TeamRJMK~

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