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Gpsbabel 1.3.0 Released

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After an extended gestation period and the assistance of many midwives, GPSBabel 1.3.0 is here.


Of interest to geocachers, GPSBabel reads and writes GPX (including Groundspeak extensions), Mapsend, Mapsource, the huge majority of GPS receivers used by geocachers, and user data for most popular mapping programs. It also has powerful manipulation tools for merging, filtering along a route, suppressing duplicates, finding caches only inside or outside a given shape, and so on.


The full list of changes is huge. Highlights:

  • Rewritten Garmin USB layer more than doubles the number of supported Garmin receivers.
  • New GUIs for Windows and OS X
  • Automatic conversions of data different character sets such as sending international characters to an ASCII-only GPS
  • Major documentation improvements
  • A trainload of new formats and fixes.

GPSBabel remains free software in both senses - it's available at no charge and it is open source. You're free to modify it yourself and look at the source to see how it works or modify it. You're free to distribute it to others as long as you don't restrict _their_ freedoms from doing the same - that's the point of the license I chose, the GPL.


Though the program is free, we do accept donations of time (we could always use a hand working on doc, web pages, answering questions for others, etc.) or money via paypal to help cover equipment for development and testing.

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