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Current Caching Goals

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At least reach 100 before I place my next one (too much hiding, not enough finding!)


Also to clear a few pages and remove the puzzle caches from my list that are undoubtedly great but I'm too bone idle to go out and do! (though work and commitments don't help!)


To do a 4/4, then a 5/5.

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Stuey Posted Today, 02:40 PM

To find at least one cache (not virtual or locationless) in every county in the UK before I retire (30 years to go - okay so it's not very challenging), but also to cache in every country in Europe, then the world!!!


man do i feel small now...


(Edited because i'm a posting muppet)

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Nothing too big.


1. Reach 300 finds before we reach 12 months in the cacheing game.

(Dated from our first found cache, 20 Aug 2005) Thats 75 to find, in 6 weeks... :D

2. We have 6 caches, which are multi or puzzles, that we are part way through -and WILL finish.

3. There's a multi not too far away, that we tried for very early on in our cacheing days, and decided to "give it a miss" half way through. We know we can do a better job now!

4. The "Cache in every County" idea did cross my mind, and we have started it, admitedly only half-heartedly so far! -But given a chance, we do go off to a new county for a couple of caches!



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We would like our 500th cache to be our Durham meet, so we need to find 6 caches in 12 days, easy as this may sound, we have little to nothing less than 15 miles away, and my work and Graham's shifts are making it very difficult at the minute. :D


I have never real thought about any goals before, other than the above it would be nice to get our 1,000 cache on my 40th birthday, but that is a long way away yet :D


Mandy :D

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How long?


Tut tut Lester :D You never ask a lady her age, just in case she's been telling porkies to her boyfriend/husband :drama:


Back on topic :lol:


My current caching goal is


To publish 1000 caches :D , I've a EDP (Estimated Date of Publication) that not too far in the future. That's as long as you guys and gal's don't slow down :D

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Mine is to hit 500 caches in time for the shrops cache bash in early sept.


I'm currently on 381, and I have been told by my cherleaders (philpamandrob, Bargee and ac-p) that I need to do an average now of 13. caches per week. That's an improvement, at one point it was 15 caches per week.


I have to hit this - I've already ordered the achievement pin / coin frm Lynn!!!



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At the start of the year I said (in a similar thread) that I would like to reach 1000 by the end of this year. At the time I was on nearly 500 which had taken about 18 months to do. I'm now on just over 900 so I should (fingers crossed) be able to get to a 1000 soon, especially as I'm on holiday next week :drama:


Other goals include doing the Saints & Sinners, Alpha Quest and the Motorway Mayhem series at some point. I would also like to find a cache in every county in the UK, could perhaps combine it with an attempt at the most counties in 24 hours record :D:lol:


I suppose I should place some more caches as well. I've only got 3 at the moment and one of those was adopted :D. I'd like to have a go at creating a series based on a common theme, but I'm still trying to think of an original idea.

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I'm aiming to get my first 100 before the 18th July 2006, a year since my first find. I'm on 99 now so not too difficult. Probably doesn't sound a lot to many but all but a few have been found by public transport.


I shall be returning to the North East where I started caching for a few weeks in August/September and I'm hoping to log a good number to get me near to my 200th. As normal, I'll be using public transport for most of the time, but there are some cache rich areas which I'm planning trips to.


Also, I hope to find a white and a yellow jeep as when I'm in staying at my brother's in the North East, I'll have less to do so it'll be easier to chase around after jeeps. Maybe even find a new green jeep if any of those find their way there by the time i'm up there.


Looking forward to my second summer of caching.

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Our caches are all straightforward finds so I want to hide a real stinker to get my own back for some difficult ones we've had in the area recently. You know who you are! :drama::D


Hmmmmm :lol:


Dead sheep and a cigar tube??? :D


-.-- --- ..- ..- - - . .-. -... * # - .- .-. -.. !


BTW my ambition is to get Andy's PDA working! :D

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Our caches are all straightforward finds so I want to hide a real stinker to get my own back for some difficult ones we've had in the area recently. You know who you are! :):)


Hmmmmm <_<


Dead sheep and a cigar tube??? :unsure:


-.-- --- ..- ..- - - . .-. -... * # - .- .-. -.. !


BTW my ambition is to get Andy's PDA working! :D


Well that's just blown that idea out of the water :D


And yes, thanks are due for finally solving the conundrum that is the pda, next stop... trying to get it to link to the gps, then there's the matter of not being able to load POIs to the Tomtom. Oh, and while I'm at it, my brakes make a squealing noise, could you sort that out for me on Saturday while you're doing nothing? :huh: Cheers, Mate.

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I'd like to have found 100 by our one year anniversary in October. Other commitments prevent us from going caching as much as I would like, so this is a realistic target as we are currently on 70. I'd like our 100th to be a bit special too.


We've now placed 10 caches and I'd like them to be found regularly (our first one does not get many visitors, the other 9 are still new enough to be interesting!). We'll probably place some more fairly soon.


We currently have 4 TBs, three very new and one stuck in a TB hotel in Devon. I'd like to see the new TBs starting their missions. We have one more TB to set up and release.

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