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White Jeep Travel Bug "dayle"


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Just a quick post to thank all New Zealand cachers for moving WJTB "Dayle" from cache to cache in your great land.


I placed him in the Fern City cache near Mt. Airy, Maryland USA July 23, 2005. The same day, Tiffany & Co retreived him; to be next heard from on October 16, 2005 when they placed him in Local History 101, Dunedin (Otago).


You folks have been moving WJTB "Dayle" around New Zealand ever since. First, on the South Isle, and just recently over to the North Isle. I really enjoy following him in his travels.


I have never visited your country, but "Dayle's" travels certainly have made me much more aware of it. I enjoy following your posts as you move him around; and from the sound of them, cachers are pretty much the same, the world over.


I really appreciate all of you.



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You're welcome :laughing: ...now we wait in anticipation for someone to smuggle a fresh green one over to these shores :D


Patience Grasshopper! :laughing: If I am forunate enough to grab one, I might just send it over there - At least you New Zealand cachers keep the jeeps moving.:laughing:



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