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The "feep" Contest -- Coming Soon

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Okay -- let's get some Feeps out there folks.


1) I have Europe pretty much covered. A Canadian cacher is heading over for vacation and going to do a "Sweep 'o" Feeps" across the continent as they travel and cache.


2) I PM'ed a fine gentleman in Perth, Austrailia and am awaiting a response.


3) Alaska just took care of itself! :D Must be that frontier spirit -- thanks LBK's


4) I have a Scotish connection in the works for the northern Eurpeans


5) Canada is covered as they are slowly drifting out from Calgary


So... I need:


A Scandinavian. Not for a "Feep" -- I just think that Scandinavian ladies are exceptionally beautiful :D -- okay, just kidding (about the no-feep part :D ) -- I do need someone that will help me here.


I would love someone in Africa to help


Hawaii? I need some one to punch some into caches. (okay....that's the lamest pun ever)


Also! The Red Beetle has been released as a Travel Bug! Take a picture of a FEEP with one of my Red Beetle Travel Bugs and see what happens..... I dare you .... just see what happens! :o

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5) Canada is covered as they are slowly drifting out from Calgary

If you don't mind popping one in the mail towards Toronto, I can help you cover Canada even faster. :o




Okay -- it's a big country :D I'll send some from the NEW CENTER OF CANADA to you poor old folks in Toronto :D PM me your address. (can you try to get one into a cache in Missisauga that I have visited? I think "If a Tree Falls" or the one next to the Delta Hotel along the park would be cool) -- thanks.

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So... I need:


A Scandinavian. Not for a "Feep" -- I just think that Scandinavian ladies are exceptionally beautiful :D -- okay, just kidding (about the no-feep part :o ) -- I do need someone that will help me here.


I could create another Feep and send it to the Norway Stargate cache, if you like.


Hawaii? I need some one to punch some into caches. (okay....that's the lamest pun ever)


Our "Feep" #4: Max is currently in Hawaii, at Sacred Moonrise and The Case of The Twisted Kitty on Oahu (that cache name cracks me up :D ).

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Here's Feep #31 Palmer AK at Nate Grumbie's "C for Cookie" cache alongside the Matanuska River near (of course) Palmer, Alaska. It's in good company - that's my geobuddy scobey's sig tag and one of the brand-spanking new 2006 Alaska Geocoins (currently available only to upper noncontiguous American residents - general sales begin Sept. 7th on the www.geocachealaska.org website). Feep #31 drove up to the Geocaching 101 event on August 12th, and is currently getting ready to 'go wild' in an Anchorage cache this weekend.

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LFD, what an awesome idea!


I am gonna go out and see if I can find some of those FEEPs!

I have had the pleasure of finding a couple of White Jeeps, and 1 Yellow Jeep, but I am sure looking forward to finding a beautiful Green FEEP.


I may even help out with releasing some of them myself here in the Lower Mainland, BC.



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Yet another FEEP is ready to head into the Great Land... FEEP Talkeetna AK.


Unfortunately, ten days of rain have made access to its release point at Three Forks of the Montana even more of a challenge to access than usual. Flood warnings are up for all streams on the eastern side of the Susitna River Valley, including Montana Creek. Perhaps next weekend we'll be able to see if the cache survived unscathed, and release FEEP Talkeetna AK into the wild near its namesake..

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Saaaaayy...I just had a wierd Feep/Jeep experience. The "Feep"s are vaild for contest entry all over the world (except the lower 48...blah, blah, blah)


Anyhow -- I just picked up a REAL Jeep named after a mountain in Hawaii! So this guy is named after a mountain in a region in which you cannot win the contest -- hahaha!

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Okay! We'll do the first draw for monthly prizes next week. The "Feeps" are starting to get out into the world, but the bundle to Europe still needs to launch (they were sent Express Post to Nova Scotia and are going into Europe via Greece).


I've also sent some to Austrailia, but think a few more would be good -- can one of you fine Austrailians PM me an address?


That "should" just about get all of them out of my hands and into the wild.


For those of you recieveing them, please "grab" them from the archived cache they are currently listed in. This way I know you have them and then can start watching them travel.


For those interested, search for "Feep" (no quotes) on the Track a Travel Bug page (advanced search). Asw always -- if you want to release your own -- go ahead, just grab the next number in sequence and off it goes. All "Feeps" are in the contest regardless of who released them. (as long as they are the little green ones, and as long as they are outside the lower 48 states -- although they are certainly welcome to be released and travel there).


Oh yes! The prize! This month: a rare Lemon Fresh Dog personal geocoin that is only available for Face2Face gifting, some friends and in caches (not for sale, not for mail).

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Me again :)


Looks like the first Feep has hit Europe! It was taken by a cacher here in Calgary and is on the way (or in) the U.K.


Also - I recieved delievery confirmation on the lot going to Greece. They are being pre-staged in N.S. :P (I sent several -- so several European contries will get them).


Two more packages going out tomorrow as well.

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Hello there,

I just posted three more packages of Feeps. This time: Austrailia, Scotland and Ontario.


I'm now pretty much out of these (a group went out to Europe last week). It occured to me (and PLEASE forgive me for this -- where are the South Americans?) I need someone from South Amercia to help me out please -- anyone?

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August winners will be announced shortly -- the prize will be a new Lemon Fresh Dog geocoin (not available except in face to face trading and here).


September's winners will have even more cool SWAG -- I wanted to make sure some hit other areas of the world prior to giving out the other coins and prizes that have been donated.


The "Feeps" for Europe should start hitting caches this weekend into next week and the ones to Austrailia and the UK (yea...I know it's Europe) were sent in the mail some time ago and should be arriving there soon, if not already.

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At last! I finally had the official draw for the first FEEP contest winner (August)


The winner is dabhid07


Whooo -- hoooo!


The prize is one of my Lemon Fresh Dog geocoins (the one that is only for F2F trades and this contest).

Enjoy your prize and thanks for keeping the Feeps moving (the only way to win!)


I have some very nice items for prizes in September (when more Feeps are on the move). We have:


1) more of my coins

2) some Alaska coins and pins! (thanks!!!!)

3) some cool geoswag (patch, stickers, etc) -- thanks!!!

4) some other assorted coins! (some from me and some from others -- thanks again!!!)


I'll try to do Septembers draw a little closer to the close of the month. What I do is randomly generate a number which gives me a Feep to look at. Then, I look to see if it has been moved and take all the folks that placed it INTO a cache (and left it there) and randomly draw one of their names.


The only way to win is to place a Feep INTO a cache and NOT just "dip" it. (although you are more than welcome to do that -- it just won't qualify as a contest entry)

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At last! I finally had the official draw for the first FEEP contest winner (August)


The winner is dabhid07

Woo hoo! I'd like to thank the Academy, etc etc.


Here's the link to the winning entry, complete with pictures: <click> I dropped the Feep into a Star Trek-themed Toronto-area cache that was owned by local Trek junkie and all-around geo-hero 1701eh. Ever since 1701eh's untimely death, this cache has turned into a bit of a TB and coin hotel as people dropped by to pay their respects.


LFD had asked me to drop off the Feep at a cache that he had been to on the opposite side of town, but once it became apparent that I wouldn't have the time to make the run out there I knew that the only place I could make the drop was in STARDATE -318232.3.


So thanks (in advance) for the prize, LFD, and thanks to everybody else involved in geocaching that make this silly game more than just electronic gizmos and tupperware.



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The end of Septemeber! After this weekend's "Feep" logs -- there will be another draw for prizes....say, why not TWO draws?


1) GEO car decal (white round w/GEO on it) - like the ones you see in Europe. As well as a Cloth Geocaching iron-on Patch


2) Medium "Offical Geocache" cache sticker and a NEW Alaska Geocoin!


Next month there will be Alaska pins, unactivated TB tag sets, Lemon Fresh Coins and more! Thank you to everyone moving the "Feeps" around -- great movement across the planet!

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Hello there!

I have been pretty absent from the forums lately - on the plus side, I am getting MANY contracts for training :rolleyes: - in fact, this week I will officially cross the hours I teach in a year....and my year runs July to July - so basically I did 12 months work in six.


That's really neither here nor there, but it does explain why I have not been "around".


So....I will do THREE drawings for "Feep" winners TODAY! (late) and there will be wonderful prizes to hand out! Coins, Stickers, patches....it's great!


The contest has been going VERY well...not a day goes by without at least one Feep being moved or logged. I haven't done an analysis on "missing" Feeps (probably because I did this with my coins and got all sad ... with my coins I have lost 50%+)


So stay tuned for more FEEP-fun!

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Three winner to be announced!


Sorry all - I am a contract trainer and over Sept, Oct, Nov I have been in the classroom teaching 40 hours a week - which doesn't seem like much, but when you take preparation, etc into account - it means I am really putting in 60-80 hours a week! Yipes (in a good way though :P )


At least it looks like I'll be able to create another personal coin soon!


Anyhow. The winners will be announced here in the next --- 60 minutes!

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My students helped me pull some winners -- and they are!


FLYRFN - for "Feep" 30: Anchorage

YanniG - for "Feep" 14: daddo

Dragontree - for "Feep" 9: Vegetable

Krennman - for "Feep" #32: Sultana


What have they won?


Each winner has won: A Lemon Fresh Dog Black Nickel 2006 coin!



winners will randomly recieve one of the following:

- A cache sticker + Alaska Coin

- A Geocaching patch + Alaska Pin

- An unactivated Canine Cacher Version 3 Coin

- An unactivated Red Handed Coin


Keep playing! I'll try to be more frequent in my draws!


Remember - search for "FEEP" in the advanced search under Travel Bugs to see them all. Some of these have travelled BIG miles!!!!! One of them over 30,000!


<edit> - I can only inform winners every 15 minutes! It'll take an hour for them all to find out.

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Hmmm... How about some fun?


The first person to post in this forum that has moved a "Feep" will win:


A GEO car sticker

A Lemon Fresh Dog 2006 Black Nickel coin (never sold, only traded face-to-face, and only in caches! ---oooooo!)

*something* else cool. Really -- I promise to make it cool. Like a coin or a TB Tag, or something neato.


RULE: You MUST have moved a FEEP. Post the FEEP you moved and when you moved it.


Hey - if there's a Feep near you - go and quickly move it!

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Great.....NOW what am I going to do? Does anyone know anyone that actually found and moved a Feep? Tell them about this great contest! All they have to have done is find, then move a Feep.


That said - I REALLY appreciate everyone that launched their own Feep .... so.... you all get one of my coins! Send the e-mails w/address and a coin will be shipped. (only one per cacher please - even if you launched a bunch of Feeps)


<edit> -- oh - I also need the name(s) of the Feeps you launched - they all should start with "Feep: <name>"


Thanks very much - BTW, all the Feeps are "in" the contest - so they all are part of the drawings that I do - not just mine.

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