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Maryland Geocacher's Personal Geocoin


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A new Geocoin


This is my first Geocoin and the coins are trackable on geocaching.com and have a unique icon. They are in hand and ready for shipping.





Coin Details:


500 coins produced in Antique Brass - 250 of these coins are available for sale.

1.75" diameter

Trackable at geocaching.com with it's own ICON Icon.gif


If you want to order a coin, or several, please send the following information to marylandgeocacher@gmail.com:


Real name

Your caching nickname

E-mail address (and your paypal address if it’s different)

Number of coins you want.

Shipping address




US: $8.50 each, including shipping and handling.

Canada: $9.00, including shipping and handling.

Elsewhere: $10.00, including shipping and handling.


Multiple coins:


US: Add $.50 for each additional coin.

Elsewhere: Contact me with the number and country and I will provide a price.


Payment can be made using paypal: marylandgeocacher@gmail.com

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I have an interest in Military Challenge coins and was impressed by the quality, workmanship and price of coins made by coinforce.com. I think they did a superb job on one of their first geocoins.


BTW, all coins ordered to date are in the mail.


I checked out the coinforce.com site and saw photos of some very nice coins, prices look good also. Maybe this site should be added to the list of places to have coins made.

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