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commodore 64


Flimbo's Quest (Any ideas out there?)


a quick google gave me this:

Flimbo’s Quest is a game about love. Being madly in love with his Pearly, Flimbo’s ideal romantic life goes down the drain when his wife-to-be gets kidnapped by Dr. Franz Dandruff. This mad scientist hasn’t got the word 'love' in his dictionary. His only fixation is 'eternal life' and his quest for immortality is his ultimate lifework. Due to a failed experiment he performed on himself he didn’t become the youthful lad he set out to become, but now he’s aging more rapidly then a flower without water. The only way to reverse the effect is to suck the lively essence out of a young maiden and inject it into his own aging body. Pearly is the girl Dr. Dandruff chose for the job, so that’s why she got kidnapped. Our little hero Flimbo didn’t agree with this and instead of trying to reason with the evil doctor who imprisoned his girl he sets out on a dangerous quest to free Pearly so he can hold her firmly in his strong little arms, stroking her soft back, kissing her lips tenderly while firmly but briskly pushing his… eeeh, well you get the point.

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