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after using the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx along side the Lowrance Expidition C, i am 99% sure that Lowrance is not using the starIII. the garmin was picking up signals fast in and more accurately in harder places, like in my car, room, basement... although i didnt take my unit apart to look inside, after using them, i cannot see how they are using the same reciever.

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Wether or not a GPSr has the Sirf III chip is not going to "guarantee improved performance" all the time. Yes as far as I know all the color Lowrance iFinders have the Sirf chip.


The Garmin is using a Quad helix antenna whereas the Lowrance is using a Patch antenna. That too is not to imply one is better than the other, but that both do work a bit differently. Modern patch antennas are as-good-if-not-better than modern quad helix ones.

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another possible issue is the hardware/firmware surrounding the sirf3 receiver. GPSPassion had a review of some sirf3 chipped receivers, and one of the was actually not very good (compared to the other sirf3 based receivers). Just because it has a sirf3 receiver doens't guarntee great reception.




GPS Sirf3 review

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