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Caches Along A Route

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I'm repeating the text we're sending out today to folks that opt-in for a weekly cache notification. Thanks to Raine for his slick implementation.


New Feature: Caches Along a Route!


Almost since the start of Geocaching.com, the ability to get a list of caches along a route has been the #1 requested feature for the site. This puzzle has finally been solved by the creative coding of Raine, Groundspeak's chief expert on Google Maps and Google Earth. With the use of Google Earth and other mapping tools you can now upload a route to Geocaching.com and create a Pocket Query of caches within 1 to 5 miles from your route. You can also share your route publicly so others can create their own Pocket Queries against it.


This new premium feature is available from your Pocket Query page, your "my account" page, or at the link below:




We're also testing a new Google Map system for browsing geocaches in your area.

It is linked from the "map it" link on every zipcode and coordinate search, or you can access it directly from the link below:



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