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Garmin Etrex Venture Cx = Good For Geocaching?

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I would just like to hear about the + and - points about the unit (Garmin eTrex Venture Cx) from a neutral source befor I go buy it.



The Venture Cx is my first GPSr. I bought it about a month or so ago. It's working out fine for geocaching for me. I'm getting great EPE. Picking up WAAS satellites all the time. Like all GPS units, it does lose accuracy under heavy trees, but it hasn't been a problem for finding caches. Just step back and find the direction and distance, then walk in and eyeball the area until you find it. Just like everyone else has to do it. I got the City Navigator maps, and the Canada Topo maps. You definately want to buy a mapping program with the unit. I got the mounts for the car so I can navigate with the unit. It works unbelievably well for this. It's amazing to go by side streets and stuff and see that it's spot on in the GPSr. The Venture Cx screen is fine for me, but somebody with less than excellent eyesight may want a unit with a larger screen for use in the car. I also rigged up a mount for the canoe using the handlebar mount Garmin sells. The Venture Cx works great for that as well. It shows direction, current speed, max speed, avg speed, total distance travelled....... the list goes on. You can also have it mark Tracks so you can look back and see exactly where you've been. And you can mark good fishing spots. My friend put my anchor over the side, then immediately realised that it wasn't attched to the rope. I immediately marked the spot with the GPSr and was able to came back a few weeks later with some tools and was able to find the anchor. So to summarize.... The Venture Cx works out great for me for caching, plus I've found several other uses where it also works great for me. I'm glad I bought that model, it does all I need and more.

Here's another use that I haven't tried yet. When you park in a huge parking lot for the day (amusement park or sporting event...) mark you spot and take the GPSr with you to find your car right away at the end of the day. What a world we live in, huh?

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