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Garmin Etrex Accessories / Cables / Software

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While on vacation my Etrex suffered an unfortunate accident, and is no more. I decided to check out the new Magellan Explorist, and therefore have a collection of Etrex stuff I've accumulated over the last five years that isn't usefull to me anymore. I'll sell stuff individually, as a set, or consider trades. Only one item has any significant weight to it, so shipping should be minor - $4 for priority mail, and $2 for regular first class.


I have:

New, unopened Etrex handlebar mount

* Bean-bag dashboard mount (has sun fading - this is the one I used most - it works great!)

* Three Etrex <-> serial cables (one Garmin original, two off-brand)

* Mapsource Metroguide USA CDs (I need to check what version this is - it's ~2years old)

* Mapsource Topo CD's (this is about 3 years old, but Topo changes much less than streets...)

* Etrex <--> Bluetooth adapter - this is an awesome gadget - it takes two AA batteries, has a cable that connects to the Etrex, and converts the serial signal into a bluetooth one. I used this to connect the Etrex to my PocketPC with Mapopolis for auto-routing. It's an earlier version of the one pictured here: http://www.semsons.com/blbapafgaeta.html . Note that this is not really usefull to the C series of Etrex, as it requires the NMEA protocol, which the boneheads at Garmin disabled on the C units.

* Mapopolis software & NC maps for North America - Mapopolis software will run on either smartphone or PocketPC platforms. The NC maps are from late 2003.


Let me know what you're interested in. Things I'll trade for - Magellan Topo CD's, DirectRoute v2, geocaching swag / geocoins / travel bug tags, hiking and camping stuff, gadgets... you never know what else I might like.

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