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How Far To Your Closest Unfound Cache....?


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QUOTE(R.O.B @ Jun 28 2006, 02:40 AM) 2308137[/snapback]

I thought it would be interesting to see how far people have to travel to get to their closest unfound cache. How far away is yours...?

The closest unfound cache for me is currently 2.4 miles away.

2.5 miles. After this weekend, it will probably be farther, since a couple of us are going after that one and its four closest caches that we haven't found.

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Like Beffums, the nearest cache I haven't yet done is across the mighty Ohio, only 1 mile from me--but at least 5 miles one way to the cache by road.


Ten pages out from me only takes me 4.7 miles from the house though, and there are over 2000 caches within 50 miles of home. SHould keep me busy for a little while.


Oh, MAN am I jealous!


Nearest cache is .6 miles and is the only cache in my town I haven't found (it's new). I almost went for it last night but I know where it must be located and I was too lazy to put on actual shoes. Birkenstocks definitely wouldn't be advisable for this cache. I'll probably go find it tomorrow since I'm a cache ho and can't really stand to have it sitting there unfound. I even went and found one this morning for a FTF while I was supposed to be working. Sheesh.........

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The furthest cache that I have tried to find is about 13 miles from home. That was a nice jaunt to not find although I did get the chance to sign some kind of a log book at that very spot - I think it's a Sierra Club thing.


You have to turn off of a semi-busy highway, go through a gate and then 4x4 it for a while just to get within a mile of this cache. Then, if you decide to NOT take a topo map to help get your bearings, you get to test your rock climbing skills. And THEN as you finally reach the summit, you look down, see a jar that contains a logbook (yeah, it was way too easy to find this one). Wrong one! The geocache is about 100 feet away and what you just signed was something entirely different.


I'll try this one again later.

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Under 0.5 mile. Tried for it twice, (logged the DNF once, or maybe both times, too lazy to doublecheck now); it gets found by others regularly enough so we know it's still there. We've found everything else in town and fairly nearby, but after that, the map gets cache-dense quickly. More than 6000 caches in the hundred mile radius... so we can be quite relaxed about ignoring the one we can't find or don't want to bother looking for.

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Closest that isn't mine or my husband's is 14.5 miles and is currently disabled. After that 15.3. There are 10 within 20 miles. Average difficulty is 2.5. Two are multis, a 3.5 and a 4. One is a 5 requiring a boat. One is in a state historical area that is only open during hours when I'm asleep (night shifter). A couple we just haven't gotten to, yet.

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0.4 Miles to the east, but the vertical climb is much more. It's a multi for which I found the first stage but DNF the final cache at the mountain's top. I keep waiting for the perfect day to get back up there.


Happy to say this one is finally found! Now on to my next closest... 1.3 miles for a multi that until just recently was disabled as the first stage was MIA. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

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.4 mi from work,19.4 from home. But this is my first ever attempt and I had a nice hour and a half walking around central park in ny bumping into the same fence and walking around in circles, so I will keep trying. I'm sure it was becasue of my inexperience, hope I can get used to the way my unit works and figure out what it is telling me. I read some logs that were successful just days ago.

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0.7 miles - but it's a micro

1.4 miles - but they're on a bike trail that's rather militant about hikers

2.3 miles - but that's a puzzle cache, I might have to think instead of barrell through underbrush

2.6 miles - but it's .... oh crap! out of excuses

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Depends on the day, there's a moving cache (not the kind that goes to events) that comes in and out of range.

Currently the closest is GCVH6Y. I don't plan on hitting it anytime soon. I don't mind paying GC $30 for member caches (PQ makes it worth it), but I will not pay the State of Illinois Transportation Dept. $1 so I can find a micro. If I happen to be on the tollway, maybe I'll stop and get it; I try to avoid the tollway when I can.

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nano less than a quarter mile from my house[/url] I can't find for the life of me.


Oh yeah me too! the closest one to me and I've been there twice and still can't find it!

But isn't it funny the majority have one that is less than 5 miles from their house??

Any one here from oregon?


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QUOTE(R.O.B @ Jun 28 2006, 01:40 AM) 2308137[/snapback]

I thought it would be interesting to see how far people have to travel to get to their closest unfound cache. How far away is yours...?

The closest unfound cache for me is currently 2.4 miles away.


not even half a mile. easy walk with the dog but.. it's hot outside. it's in some icky tall weeds etc and you know what? I just don't feel like doing that for a micro! was thinking, oooh.. hot, sticky, scritchy from green stuff and just.. I don't know. Give me some good honest cactus instead! It was even going to be a FTF and I didn't want to get in there and look! :lol:

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The closest I once had was 30 yards from my front gate. Fellow cachers hid it there and called it "Under your nose." Unfortunately it only lasted a few months, before the scrubland it was in was bulldozed so that we now look out at a street of vacant lots. Now my nearest is 30 miles(under a jetty and only accessible at very low tide) followed by 40 miles, (out on an island and only accessible by boat) and 50 miles (in a national park with park fees and also on top of a steep climb) I will get to them all eventually. After that we are talking about 150 miles to a few more clustered around another town, but out in quite remote saltbush country. There are a few other local cachers who compete for any new caches and i get a kick out of scattering them around my local area.

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The nearest is 1.5 miles. If I get time this evening I plan on tackling this one. Otherwise, it will have to wait a while till I get home from vacation.


The nearest to work is 0.4 miles. I have a dnf on this as there was some confusion as to the actual location. I have good coordinates now so just a matter of time. High muggle area, especially at lunch which is when I would like to do it. I may have to do the clipboard and tape measure disguise for it. :lol:


Just finished doing the puzzle part of a puzzle cache. Turns out this one is only a quarter mile away. On the corner of a very busy intersection. Should be interesting.

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