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Antenna For Ex 500?

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I purchased the antenna from gpscentral.ca , it plugs into cig. lighter in car and has a magnetic antenna on the roof and one inside that re-radiatesthe gps signal inside the cab of my truck.


Unless your truck has one of the windshields that block the signal, which some newer vehicles have, it was probably a waste of money.

My 500 picks up a good signal under the seat where I've tossed it a few times

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I have an antenna like that it was given to me by a company that sells them when I was a GPS buyer for some outdoors stores a few years ago.

They are a waste of money, send it back. As has been said, unless someone know for sure that the car or trucks windsheild will block a GPS signal they should not buy extra antennas.

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My 500 works fine in the windshield cradle or on the seat. I used to have to hold my etrex against the window. I drive a Sonoma pickup.


I too drive a Sonoma pick-up (2002) and I use a Magellan eXplorist 600, or a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx on the passenger's seat with no issues. Both units report what appears to be accurate coordinates and relatively low epe... I haven't taken my truck to a benchmark to validate the coordinates, hence the term "appears to be accurate". :rolleyes:

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