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Garmin Etrex Vista Cx And Motorcycle


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Does anybody can give a recommendation how to use the Garmin Etrex Vista Cx during a motorcycle trip?


I do have the Garmin bike kit for 15 Dollar, but the question is whether the vibration is an issue for it to use.


I would also prefer a kit with a long neck, so that the unit is easier to read while driving. Any recommendations for that?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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And I have no plastic or foam cushion on mine. There's a clamp that goes around the handlebars, and an arm that goes to the GPS holder. The arm that I have is 3", but they have a longer size as well. So everything holding the GPS to the bike is "hard". I've experienced no vibration at any speed.



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What about the vibration?

Not really any vibration problems, and I ride an 1100cc V-twin.


I see some plastic cushion on your second picture.

No plastic cushion there in the pic, I think what you're seeing is the ears on the mounting plate the GPS adapter mounts to. Textured plastic; guess it looks like foam in the pic. The great thing about the

RAM mounts is they make about a zillion parts to mount just about anything onto anything.


Could you read your unit while driving let's say 50 miles an hour?

At least as well as I can read it mounted on the dash of my car at 50MPH. :unsure:

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Here's a basic rundown of what you would need:


GPS cradle: RAMHOLGA16.jpg


mount for cradle: RAMB238.jpg


arm (avail in 1.75", 3" and 5.25" lengths) RAMB201.jpg


handlebar mount (need to know diameter of your bars) RAMB231Z.jpg


Put it all together............




Like I said in the other post, RAM makes a ton of various parts for the RAM system, and there are other ways to mount it on your bike. There may also be companies that make specialized adapters for your particular model bike. I know at least one company makes replacement brake/clutch master cylinder covers with a RAM ball on top. I saw another setup where a replacement fork stem nut had a ball on it. RAM makes a bracket with a ball that looks like you could mount your mirror stem through it to hold it on, and others that looks like they would work well with a windshield mount.

The basic motorcycle mount is easy and it works, but if you want to use your imagination the options are endless!

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