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Not Many Photos

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Having looked at a few logs I'm surprised that there aren't many photos attached. With everyone seeming to have camera phones nowadays it's a shame there aren't more views from caches. Especially when the logs mention what a lovely spot it may be. I always like to see photos from my own cache as the view changes so much throughout the year.

So come on everyone, snap away.

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I take way too many photos while caching (Ask anybody who has cached with me :laughing: :laughing: ) I take photos at every cache I do but don't upload them all, just link them in GSAK for offline viewing.


I have 1152 photos in my gallery here on GC.com (2.3 photos per cache) but I try not to include spoiler photos.


Think 11 is my record Serpently multi cache

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I am guilty of quite gratuitous photograpy on my expeditions (2162 photos over 1113 caches).

In my defence... it's the best (indeed only) way I can recall a particular cache when looking back through my logs months later!


I hope GC don't get a silly moneymaking idea about this!



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We print out our logs after each caching trip to help us scrapbook them.

Photos really help us to remember where we were what it looked like.

A descriptive log also helps so we try to make our logs as descriptive as possible so when we look back at them they reminds us more about the day and what we did.

Our gallery shows about 2 photos per cache.

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I love photos (well, the non-spoiler ones!) on my caches, and try to take photos of caches I visit to upload too. No camera phone, but I did pick up a good camera today. Brand new Fuji 3500 - 4Mp, 6x optical zoom, loads of great features in a cute little silver-coloured body. Drop me an email via my profile if you'd like to make me a sensible offer :P

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We always include a photo of us with the cache on our logs as part an online diary of our caching expeditions.


We are always careful not to show the actual hide, and if it's a puzzle / multi then we choose a generic background (e.g. a bush) so as not to give the location away. We're also very careful to make sure no-one is around when we take the photos as the last thing we want to do is compromise the cache.


The only exceptions are where the cache page specifically requests no photos of the containers (only seen one of these so far - not sure why as it was an ammo can and nothing unusual) or the cache container is an unusual one and we'd give too much away to future finders by including a photo of it. We then tend to include just a photo of us near the cache site.


If there is anything else of interest on the way to the cache we tend to post that too.


I know we love to see people's photos when they do our caches.


We've had our photos at the top of the GC.com homepage 3 separate times that we've spotted so far which Isaac (our 7 year old) absolutely loves :P

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I always take my camera out caching with me, and DO take pics...


however... usually I'm too excited about the find, or moving on to the next find to take pics!!

When I do take pics, I always upload them onto GC.com, as I love to go back through my gallery and remember each cache.


I also love it when people take pics when visiting my caches, it's usually a good sign they enjoyed the cache!

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We always try to take photos, feel it enhances a cache site, never spoilers though. Wish I took more photos of TB's we find, but always seem to not get around to them. perhaps if the cursor over worked as it does with cache pages it may be an incentive. A photo tells 2000 words they used to say, mind you they also said the camera never lied!! :ph34r:<_<

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Wish I took more photos of TB's we find, but always seem to not get around to them.


I have pictures of all the coins I have logged Coins (86) (some are a bit shakey though ) And I photograph every TB , maybe one day I might get around to doing a web page :ph34r:

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By the time I've faffed on with rucsac, waterproofs, waterbottles and all the other junk I take when caching I never feel like taking the camera, it's just another strap to get tangled around my neck! :ph34r:

I must admit on the few occasions when I do take it it's usually worth the effort.


Note to self: Take the camera caching more often... :ph34r:

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So if a lot of people use camera phones to take cache photos, is there a way that TPTB could create some sort of mms -> web gateway so that we can text our photos in?


Just an idea - not sure exactly how this would work!


What do people think?


Personally, Geoff, I can't see the urgency or justify the unnecessary spend on doing that with my mobile. I'll just wait until I get home and log as normal, uploading pictures at that time.

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Personally, Geoff, I can't see the urgency or justify the unnecessary spend on doing that with my mobile. I'll just wait until I get home and log as normal, uploading pictures at that time.


I've got a work mobile *without* a camera, so it doesn't really affect me. It was just an idea to throw around! :wub:

I think quite a lot of people have inclusive texts, which may well include mms (multimedia messaging service), but from the lack of replies, maybe people are just happy with the way things are!!! :wub:

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