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Permission To Edit Variables Not Working

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There are several Categories that I have been given access to edit the Category, and I have done so but none of them are allowing me to edit the variables for those Categories that I have permission to edit. Everyone of them, when I click on the link to create new variable it keep bringing me back to my own Category page. Likewise for an edit of existing variables. Nate could you please fix this?

This is a list of the ones I have permission to edit:

Pubs & Inns

Bookcrossing Zone

Turtle Crossing

Gender separated entrances

Lion Statues


You can see by the example here that they are not the non editable inhereted variables.


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Stags Roar


This Category has been up and running and is currently on Auto Approve. when Adopt Me took over the Category he put it on Auto approve although It is currently on probation. There are currently 41 Waymarks in this Category. I called for a vote to demote Adopt Me and since you and I are the only officers when you vote he will be demoted and he will be the third officer and then you will be able to promote alann& sparky to officer status and we will be off of probation. When this happens adopt me will then drop out. This is a quote from Nate

This is from the first post on this thread



"All Groups will initially be led by a user named "Adopt Me". "Adopt Me" will promote the first two Group members. After that, those two members will be responsible for assigning ranks and permissions to later members.


Once you have at least two officers you will need to initiate a vote to demote the leader ("Adopt Me"). Call a vote for leadership demotion, unanimously vote in the affirmative, and the first Officer to have joined the category will become the new leader. At this point "Adopt Me" will quit the Group entirely."

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